Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pieces of My Heart by A.G. Porter

Love. Heartbreak. The world through her eyes.

Pieces of My Heart, a poetry collection by A.G. Porter, is now available at all of your favorite online retailers!  In this poetry collection, A.G. Porter shares part of her story with you through the pieces of her heart scattered in the pages. She transports you through love, loss, strength, and sorrow which we’re all familiar with.

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When asked if I'd like an ARC for A.G. Porter's new poetry collection, I immediately said yes. Not only do I love her Darkness Trilogy, which is a paranormal YA series (Check out last post for signed copy giveaway!), but I also enjoy poetry, having written a lot of it during my life. So, getting one of the first glimpses inside her poetic mind was a given. 
Reading through this collection of poems, I found myself in awe of how she can say something that seems so simple, yet has such a deep meaning. Her words flow in a way that I don't have to spend ten minutes trying to figure out what each one means, despite the complexity of them, which I love in poetry. I like how a play on words can be personified to have such an impact, making me nod my head in agreement as I'm reading, understanding the feelings that were poured onto each page. 
Another awesome thing about A.G. Porter is the faith behind her words, not only in this poetry collection, but in her novels, as well, making them not only YA friendly, but okay for younger readers who may like to read above their age level. Her works are clean and appropriate for any reader, young or old.