Monday, September 2, 2019

Ricochet Giveaway

To celebrate the release of Ricochet, I'm giving 17 copies away!

Vengeance is the gasoline of his emotions, combusting into a wildfire he can’t control. As that spark ignites her, will she let the flames consume her, too? 

The day Aeron Alexander walked into Makenna’s life was the day that changed everything. Being her first in many ways, he was someone she felt she’d always be connected to and dreamt of their future together. Sadly, her dreams turned to nightmares and she quickly realized their connection would haunt her forever.

Falling in love with sixteen-year-old Makenna Mills was something Aeron never imagined would happen. His unexpected love for her changed him in ways he wasn’t prepared for. Even so, it wasn’t enough to erase the past and cure the hate that had infected his heart.

You can find a mobile-friendly version HERE!


  1. From what i have been told by a little birdie this is a must read and will have your emotions flying in many directions at same time.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad the little birdie enjoyed it! :-)