Thursday, May 14, 2015

Janae Mitchell's Book Giveaway

I love, love, love my readers, so as a thank you, I'm doing a giveaway, and not just for one of my books, but for ALL of them! The fact that I've got loyal readers who will read anything I write means more to me than I can explain in this blog post, so just trust me when I say I'm overwhelmed, grateful, and humbled by the kind words, messages, posts, and comments I receive from all of you.
♥ ♥ ♥

Now, on to the giveaway...

Prize #1

The first prize is a complete signed set of the FOR ALWAYS series, which includes the first three books I ever wrote—For Always (which is FREE), For Now, and For Eternity.

Prize #2

The second prize is a signed copy of FEELS LIKE RAIN, which was inspired by the For Always series. There is a character introduced at the very end of the third book, For Eternity, who I felt had a story to tell, and this is it.

Prize #3


The third prize is a signed copy of both of my spooky novellas, HAUNTED & UNLEASHED.
(Both e-books are only $.99!)

HAUNTED is a ghost story that I originally wrote one weekend while in a funk when writing For Now. It became a featured story on Wattpad, and after much prompting, I added to it and published it.

Prize #4

The fourth prize is three audio books of UNLEASHED, which was also originally a Wattpad story that ended up becoming a promo for the Ouija Movie on Wattpad and is on their "Creepy Ouija Board Stories" list (Eek!). To my surprise, it has only 5-star reviews on amazon and readers are saying this story creeped them out, so I hope you enjoy it, too!

Thank you for reading & sharing my stories!