Thursday, December 31, 2015

Life Can Change Release Event

Coming New Year's Day!

Kaden Jones’s life will never be the same. The person he once was died the day he had a devastating motorcycle accident, leaving him physically and mentally broken. Wanting to die, yet not even capable of killing himself, he feels like there’s no hope; that he’s being forced to live a life he no longer wants to live. 

In the midst of his despair, there’s one person who has loved him through it all, and that is Emersyn Moore. No matter how broken Kaden appears, she knows the old Kaden is still there, trapped within a shattered shell of his former self, waiting to be rescued. The problem is, will he let her rescue him? Will he let her in, or did the accident change him so much that he’ll always be right out of her reach?

In "Life Can Change", we hear Kaden's story; what caused him to wreck, what he remembers about it, and what happens afterward, when he's forced to face his new reality. What will he think when he wakes up and realizes his life will never be the same? In this sequel to "In An Instant", we find out.
"What many readers may not realize is that this story was inspired by my nephew, who had a tragic motorcycle accident when he was twenty years old. Though his accident was nothing like Kaden's, his injuries were the same. There are many scenes in both books that were taken from memory, not imagination, making it one of the hardest stories I've ever written. What is even harder is that my nephew's story isn't fiction, so his life, sadly, hasn't been as easy as Kaden's. We always say fiction is often times better than reality, and, in this case, that couldn't be more true. Despite the reality that this story revolves around, I hope it can still bring inspiration to those who read it."

 "In An Instant" (book 1) is currently only .99!

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