Paranormal Pariah of Prater Hall

 Paranormal Pariah of Prater Hall

Clean Teen Read

Fourteen-year-old Amaris McGuire is a pretty, kindhearted girl whose life sounds seemingly perfect—
he lives in a beautiful house in a quaint historic town.
She has a loving family and a best friend she adores.
She makes good grades, even though she despises going to school.
but her life is far from perfect.

Amaris feels and senses things that nobody else can.
She’s an outcast at school, where the students call her a freak.
She wishes she could spend every day alone, locked inside her room.
She dreads going to sleep because it only leads to a new day of the same old things.
Unable to take it anymore, she is ready to give up, but her parents refuse to let her.

That’s when they come across Prater Hall.

Established in 1892, Prater Hall is a school for gifted students, where they can learn about, harness, and grow their unique abilities. Reluctant but hopeful, and exhausted from the life that feels like it’s closing in on her, Amaris agrees to go. And when she meets the other students (and ghosts) of Prater Hall, she realizes it’s where she belongs.

Unbeknownst to Amaris, she d
oesn’t simply belong at Prater Hall, it’s her destiny—a destiny that some will fight to protect and others will kill to abolish.

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