Leaves of Three

Seventeen-year-old Talon Jones was warned to stay away from her but didn't listen. The fact that Ivy Jordan came with a warning label only piqued his interest even more. Instantly drawn to her, he gets wrapped up in her beauty and wild spirit, not realizing how dangerously entangled he would become. 
Talon’s bad judgment and careless decisions, not to mention Ivy’s obsessive love and escalating madness, turn into a roller-coaster ride he no longer wants to be on… but once a ride is in motion, it’s impossible to get off.

Book two 

Daisy Jones knows two things about her biological mother, Ivy Jordan:
1. She signed her rights away as soon as Daisy was born.
2. She has 'issues'.
After sixteen years of wondering how bad Ivy's issues really were, since her dad never talked about her, Daisy's curiosity became nothing more than a passing thought. However, her curiosity becomes a harsh reality the day before her sixteenth birthday ~ the day Ivy abducts her. 

There's so much I could say about this story and metaphors I could include here, but I'll let you infer those on your own as you read. What I will say, though, is that this story forced me to step outside the comfort of my own mind and into another one as it slowly began to shatter. It's so hard to understand how a character thinks and how their sickness affects them when they don't understand it, themselves. That's probably why the story isn't completely told from her point of view. How could I convey a story that the character, herself, would have a hard time telling?
Having a family member who suffered from mental illness, I know it's a sensitive topic, which made me apprehensive about incorporating it into this story. However, every case is different and Ivy's is no exception. As I've said before, sometimes things end well... and sometimes they just end.

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