My Novellas

Being haunted isn't always a bad thing... as long as you can survive it.

Jacynda Johnson is trying to start over again. After a traumatic break-up with her rock star boyfriend, Billy Jakes, which devastated her, things seem to finally be looking up. Being promoted to the managing position at the salon she works at, she is finally able to move out of the apartment she shared with Billy and away from the bad memories—without him.

As luck would have it, she comes across a small house in one of the historic neighborhoods in Knoxville, TN, that seems perfect for her; it's close to her work, within her budget, and having been empty for a while, it's like it was just waiting for her to buy it.

Little did she know... it was.


But it's just a game....


When Jailyn’s best friend, Prestley, brought in a new game, Jailyn didn’t want to play. However, after a little persuading, she gave in. Unbeknownst to the girls, they weren’t just playing a game. Instead, the game was playing them.

What happens when something gets unleashed... and that something has his sights set for the one who unleashed him?

All of my novellas are only $.99!

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