Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Did You Hear That?

I am a member of a paranormal group called Eyewitness Paranormal, but we affectionately like to call our investigative team The Graveyard Shift. People often ask if we've ever caught paranormal evidence or had any scary experiences while on an investigation. The answer is yes, yes we have.

My first experience can be found in my last post entitled My Ghost Story, which is the reason I became an investigator. Another experience involved the famous 'ball rolling by itself' while at Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Instead of it rolling to me, it turned and rolled back to the person who had rolled it to me. It did this about three times, and in different directions, but then it just stopped and rolled to me like normal. And the best part was that it was a skeptic that was rolling it to me. We also caught a ball rolling down an empty hallway, too, but didn't realize until we went through our pictures. Waverly Hills, especially the body chute, is one creepy place.

A friend and I also got to investigate The Thomas House, which was featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters. We got to hear a disembodied growl in one of their rooms, not once, but twice, which was also caught on my recorder. I would not be able to stay in that room alone . . . ever.

As a team, we have caught some great evidence and had some great experiences over the past few years. The most exciting experience we've ever had was at Old South Pittsburg Hospital. We had just exited the third floor and the door shut behind us, which made us stop and look to see why. Within just a few seconds, it sounded like someone was on the other side of that door shaking it like they were going to rip it off of its hinges. Sadly, we had just cut off our cameras because we were wrapping up the investigation in that area, so all we have is audio—of the door and of us screaming/running (Yes, we ran!). People who were watching the live stream online talked about it for days afterward. It was awesomely freaky.

Another great experience that we had was at The Wheatlands Plantation right here in East TN. Three of us were sitting in the main parlor when we all heard footsteps coming from above us. The only other person in the house was in the basement, and the steps came from right over our heads. We tried to debunk this one, but couldn't. Definitely a memorable experience.

One of the best pieces of evidence that always comes to mind when people ask is an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) that was caught in a man's home during a preliminary investigation. He was talking about his nephew, Cody, being afraid to stay at his house, and in the middle of their conversation, you hear a man's voice say, "Stay all night, Cody." I was shocked, to say the least, when I heard this for the first time because we didn't hear it at the time. I still get chills just thinking about it. We caught another class-A EVP at the same man's house during the same interview. I was the only female there, and my recorder was on a table between us all. We caught an eerie EVP that sounded like an old lady saying, "Let me outta here." It ran chills down my spine. We have both of these EVPs on our evidence page if you would like to listen to them. The footsteps from Wheatlands are on there, too, as well as a few others.

We love investigating the paranormal and sharing any evidence that we may catch. We have investigated many homes and businesses and our services are always free. If anyone ever tries to charge you money to investigate your home, look for another team. Reputable teams do not charge any type of fee.
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